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When our stress is too high, we often react to situations in a way we normally wouldn’t, we become ill more often, and we are not performing to our potential. Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, minds, and relationships.

Life is challenging and it’s easier to deal with those challenges when we are fully equipped.

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Your well-being matters

Stress Management Comes With a Cost

Inner Matter is ready to help you solve the following problems:
Moderate to High Levels of Stress
Stress is a good thing at a low to occasionally moderate level. Stress can help us complete tasks and keep us motivated. When we experience stress higher than the moderate level on a regular basis, it becomes toxic often requiring us to miss work, lose productivity, place a strain on our relationships, and depletes us. Let us build your toolbox with easy to implement strategies for combatting stress so you or your team can feel resilient during challenges and conquer the day.
When we have too many problems, it’s difficult to know where to begin, which can cause us to not do anything at all or lose productivity. Operating on this level too long will cause our immunity to weaken, mental fog to set in, and decrease our sense of fulfillment. Learning how to slow down, manage your stress, and be present in any challenge will help to get through challenges with less stress. Let us help you or your team discover exactly what’s overwhelming you and develop the skills you need to overcome the barriers.
When we are problem-focused rather than solution-focused, we create blinders for ourselves expending unnecessary energy on the problem rather than creating solutions needed to solve the problem. If we enter into a situation problem-focused, typically, at the time we come to creating solutions an individual or team is exhausted, losing the attention, innovation, motivation, and execution needed for a solution. Let us help you or your team gain new tools to improve your mindset and be solution-focused when problems arise.
Negative Attitude
We all know what it’s like to interact with someone with a negative attitude or what it’s like to have one. Just one negative person in an organization, on a team, or a family unit can ruin it for everyone. Our minds are created to consider worst-case scenarios for survival, however that doesn’t serve us well in most cases today. If we are trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk, we become convinced we are unworthy or unable to accomplish our goals. Let us guide you or your team on how to shift negativity into positivity or neutrality so you can renew your energy, develop the confidence to break through limitations, and reach your goals.
Emotions are Overbearing
When faced with a problem, we typically resort to responding with emotion or logic. If you are someone who makes decisions based on emotion, it can feel overbearing at the moment leaving us incapable of making the best decision. On the other side, if you are someone who makes decisions based on logic only, you can make decisions that seem insensitive to others. We achieve the best results when we can make decisions using emotion and logic. Let us guide you or your team on developing skills to understand the science behind the patterns of human behavior.
Low Frustration Tolerance
Not managing our stress decreases our tolerance level to handle stressful situations. Being reactive comes with a menu of consequences in our professional and personal life. Most often, it impacts our relationships with others or interferes with our ability to enjoy life. When we can master our thoughts we can master our emotions enabling us to get the most out of life. We are here to help you or your team to discover patterns, identify what to change, and develop the skills for flexibility.

Shylla from Inner Matter is a breath of fresh air as she comes into the classroom. She takes the time to observe, without judgement, the routines and systems that are already in place and provides simple, yet effective, guidance to improve them. As she works with students, she has a unique ability to see the whole child, not just their behavior, and is able to draw upon their strengths while providing necessary supports. Overall, her expertise and experience paired with her genuine care for the child and team make her an invaluable resource for teachers and families.

Courtney Van Beck, Educator

Results matter

Unlock the Potential

We already have what it takes to create momentum, achieve our goals, and maintain lasting results. Sometimes we just need a little help from experts. Inner Matter is prepared to guide you through these service models.

“I enjoy falling further behind in exchange for a mental health day.” said no one, ever. Stanford researchers looked into how workplace stress affects health costs and mortality rates in the United States, they found that it led to spending of nearly $190 billion and nearly 120,000 deaths each year. Workplace stress is estimated to cost the U.S. economy more than $500 billion dollars annually. What’s even more alarming, 550 million work days are lost due to stress on the job in a year. Another study claims that burned-out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day and 23% more likely to visit the emergency room. Any time an employee is mentally or physically absent from work, it means a loss in productivity and the workload is potentially transferred onto someone else especially when there are deadlines to meet.

A small dose of stress is a good thing. We actually need it in order to make deadlines, stay productive, and stay motivated. Many of us today are no longer operating on a small amount of stress and on any given day we are feeling moderate to high levels of stress. Over a prolonged period of time, moderate to high levels of stress will cause physiological changes to our body including altering our breath, a reduction of gray matter in our brains, impaired ability to memorize or learn, scattered attention, a weakened immune system, and often a racing mind.

In addition to physiological stressors, too much stress over time adversely affects our relationships in and outside of the workplace. At the point of overwhelm, we can no longer regulate our emotional response system in a proactive, healthy way. Our brain switches over to survival mode and begins scanning situations to look for the worst possible outcome, putting us into ‘negative’ mode. This results in us complaining more, becoming hyper-focused on the problem, and frankly, spending our energy in the wrong places. We develop a constant sense of defeat, which leaves us feeling hopeless in situations. Consequently, we end up pushing people away which contradicts what we really need, which is connection and support from others. Been there, you say? Me too.

At the time we recognize this is all happening, it’s typically too late for an easy switch to get us back on the right track. That bad habit has been formed. The relationship has been sabotaged. At this point, not only do we have a lot of repair to do, it takes an average of 64 consecutive times of doing something the right way to form a new habit. Now we can see why most people do not succeed in meeting their New Year’s resolutions. Without accountability, chances are, we’ll fall into the 92% of people who fail to reach their goals.

The most successful people in life don’t just see situations as a failure or success. Every situation is an opportunity for improvement and to reach their goal. Like a catcher in a baseball game, they know how to go after the many different balls coming their way. While some balls may be easy to catch on their feet and others may knock them down, they go after them, regardless. When they get knocked down, they get right back into the game. Each catch contributes to a win, whether it be the game or a stat for their own personal record. When they do miss, they don’t quit or time out, they keep trying for another catch.

Learning how to manage stress and maintain lower levels of stress requires conscious discipline and is a daily practice. When we can learn to be with what we’re doing and nothing else, our productivity and resiliency will skyrocket. Simple changes to our daily routine or habits can have a massive impact for the positive in our lives. In the long run, this will lead to a healthier life and improved relationships.

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